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Default Re: A housekeeper?

I used to do housecleaning on an individual basis, not through a cleaning company. It really depends on you and your family; since you have several people living in the house, there may be a need for more frequent cleaning. I'd suggest trying to separate how you feel about it emotionally from how often you or another family member would actually have to do the jobs to keep the house at your comfort level. I know someone who has a sign posted about their house: "Clean enough to be healthy, messy enough to be comfortable". But that balance is going to be different for each family. Talk it over with the Hubby - if one of you is a "neat freak", it may be best to go with weekly - especially if the other one isn't - LOL! Or perhaps you could teach an older child how to clean certain jobs (to a standard that you would be willing to pay them for, if accomplished), to make up the difference every other week? I know of kids that go to cleaning jobs with their mom or dad, and share in the earnings, as well as the work. Maybe you know someone who would like to share in the savings, as well as the work... ;-) Hope some of this helps!
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