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Default Re: A housekeeper?

It sounds like a family meeting is in order. Your kids are old enough to help with some of the bigger, yucky jobs, as well as picking up their toys.

First, find out what the housekeepers charge, and what work is included in that. Windows? Laundry? Dinge out the back closet? European prices will certainly be different than American, and a German cleaners standards will be different too.

Then call a family meeting. Say 'This is what she will do, and this is what it costs. Now we can spend that money on a cleaner, OR if everybody can do a fair share, then we can spend the money on travel, and see more of Europe.

The follow through, of course is that if the kids help keep up the house, the money goes into a special travel fund. If they don't, then you can hire someone.

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