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Default April 14 Speed Scrap with Ruby Lane!!

Here are the instructions for our Speed Scrap chat!

1. Choose 4 photos and 3 papers

2. Choose your background paper and cluster 3 of the photos in the top left corner

3. Angle 4th photo in bottom right corner, making sure this is the largest of your photos

4. With the other 2 papers create 2 circles, one about as large as your bottom right photo and the other about half of that. Place the large circle 1/2 way peeking from behind the bottom right photo, place the smaller circle behind the large circle in the same manner

5. Create a cluster around the bottom photo and a similiar cluster around the top cluster of 3 photos going behind and inbetween on top etc.

6. Place 1 string or 1 ribbon behind bottom photo on top of circles and a bit of bling behind that.

7. Title your LO with a combo of an alpha and a font!

Normally I have the participation prize listed BEFORE I start a speed scrap so my apologies! Stay tuned and I will post it in here.

Post your LO in this thread with a gallery link and I will PM you a link to the participation prize tomorrow morning, you have until then to finish!

Thank you for joining me I look forward to many more!

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