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Default Re: A housekeeper?

Now, see, the thing is, the kids do already help but this house is just a dirt magnet! And 6 bathrooms, it's insane... even with the urinal in one the boys still manage to, um, dirty up every bathroom.

Each kid has a bathroom a week to clean (and I have one LOL). However, two thoughts in my head here, I don't like to "fix it" when they do a not-good-enough-in-my-book job and undermine their work. At the same time, I like it cleaner than they do it... since they aren't stupid, they'll know if I do it (which I don't want to do, or really have the time) so I thought a housekeeper/helper would be a good solution.

The kids are doing a great job with the main floors, sweeping & mopping, but then there's the "extra" rooms and those just aren't being gotten to. In general the kitchen is sparkling every night, but a thorough scrubbing of the cabinets would be wonderful once a month. The windows, yuck, I can't seem to get them streak free from the last, messy, tenant.

I've found someone, I think I'll have her come over & do the windows/kitchen & bathrooms once. See how long it takes, how good she does & how much she charges (I've heard 10 Euro an hour, 30 Euro a cleaning, any ideas?). But once every other week should be fine. Especially once we get on a roll.

I need a little more time to take them to the park, Sensapolis, castles... and still have time to cook, laundry & work. This might be the ticket. I certainly would love not to have to scrub 6 bathrooms every week.

Thanks so much all!



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