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Default May Challenge - POINT IN TIME

Hi, I'm a little later than I thought.... but I think everybody has been too busy with all the special scrapbooking events to notice....

This month we're exploring 1960 to 1970.
Since it is recent, I'm splitting this decade in 2 parts of 5 years, and hope everybody comes up with 2 lay-outs..... :eek:

Since most, but not all of us were probably alive and/or at an age that we can remember what was going on there's a little different set of rules:

- Pick a picture from your past and write your memories of it (Me, i was born in 1961, so for the first half of the decade, I have to go by here-say, but that's ok too!)

- Pick an event from the era and write your thoughts of the moment

If the time period is "before your time"
Pick a picture of an ancestor alive at that time and write what you know about him/her. If they are still alive, get "their side of the story"

Post your lay-out in the point in time gallery and a link in this thread so we can all look at them.

Have fun with this, and I can't wait to see your lay-outs!
Please use a tleast 2 parts of your lay-outs from designers at the Studio