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When I entered the digital world back in 2005 I was asked to teach computer craft classes in the chat room of a popular site. The first chat I hosted...ever...had 98 show up. I wanted to run or cry, but I stayed and we had so much fun.

Some of the favorites back then were:
Paper purses (girls) or wallets (boys)-gift card holders

Recipe boxes to hold recipe cards. Would work well with Maurine's challenge.

Wrappers for many items such as Microwave Popcorn, Hershey bars, Life Savers,Gallon Paint Cans, Tea Bags, Suckers, etc.

Brown Bag Albums

Gift bag sets: decorate the front of a purchased gift bag and make a matching card

I think the fun part is trying to find ways to use all our beautiful digital kits not only for scrapping but for gift items, too.

I read a lot, but don't take part in anything anymore, but this caught my eye.

It will be fun to see what you come up with.

Hope my suggestions helped a little.
Carole N.
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