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Sorry! This very LONG! For me, the problem for me is that I want to be able to use what we make. ( I mean no disrespect to the lovely ladies that suggested some of these things.) I have never had a need for Microwave Popcorn, Hershey bars, Life Savers,Gallon Paint Cans, Tea Bags, Suckers, Paper purses or wallets and cutsie things for young kids. My son is 15 and my daughter is 19 ,so no more cutsie stuff. They would just tear up anything I made to get to the good stuff. lol I think..why bother. I have no friends ( long story ..happened when I was in a wreck and was so injured that I have suffered with constant pain ever since,so I am "not fun anymore"), so the only person I send things to is my mom who lives far away from me. My husband could care less too. None of them would notice the pretty thing on the chocolate...just the chocolate. lol I guess I could use the tea bag thing once in a while for my mom and the same with a card. I have quite a few bookmark already,but I guess I could make one for my mom, myself,and my daughter once in a while. I could make an insert for a coffee cup/tumbler for my Dad. Have you guys seen those? I could make a calender for myself ,mom, and maybe my daughter once a year. Also ,we could make digital pieces for any of those ready to decorate items that scrapbook stores/craft stores tend to sell,at least they do in America. I think Oriental has a nice evenly priced assortment of these items. I see a lot of designers in digi scrap sites make templates for making little gift boxes or whatever can be made out of a standard sheet of paper 8.5x11 and then everyone does one for the hybrid challenge. I guess we could try to make stationary that could be printed as need. That would be nice to have your own personalized paper and envelopes. I saw someone make game boards out of paper for her kids to play in the car on summer vacation. She made a basic template for a tic tac toe and one for the "lines and boxes "game. I don't know the real name for the game and it may only be a game played in America. You know ,it's the game when you draw an even number of dots on a page (I forget how many rows and columns worth of dots there has to be,but I can find out.) and you and an opponent each taking turns drawing on small line that connects 2 of the dots either horizontally or vertically,but not diagonally. The object is to make the most boxes a possible.You have to be careful not to help your opponent by the position of your line. For instance, if there are already 3 lines in an area and it's your turn,then you want to place your line between the last set of dots,so that you put the last line to form a box w/4 equal sides.The maker of the box gets to put his/her initial in the newly formed box. The winner is the one with the most boxes. She made 6-8 tic tac toe boards on one sheet of paper and then she printed out a bunch of sheets. Carefully cutting each tic tac toe board in to 6-8 same sized squares, she stapled all of them together in booklet form. Also,she had a sheet of dots a .25" apart to print out evenly over a standard sheet of paper, then she quartered the paper and stapled (or you could make a cover for the full sheets and bind it)all of them together in a little booklet. We could go a step further and decorate these game boards with digi kits,print both of the full decorated sheets out on thicker card stock ,maybe 80 weight, laminate it or cover in clear adhesive drawer liner, and give each of the kids an erasable dry pen in different colors and eraser for a board that you can mark up and clean off for many hours of fun. To make the boards more stable, you could also print the boards out on white adhesive sheets that can go through the printer,stick it on to book board (old torn up kids books like old Golden??? Something books... the ones with nursery rhymes and little stories printed out between thick hard covers) or cardboard/chipboard ,and then laminate it. If you don't like those to games, I have a list of games that will work the same way on these game board like Hang Man. I have a bunch of ideas for useable "Hybrid" projects,that I have never seen done before,so just ask if you want more. This should get us going though. Mistybelle,I will compile a quick list of what has been listed so far to make it easier for you.

The Studio's Hybrid Project Ideas:

1.Microwave Popcorn Covers
2.Hershey Bars Covers
3.Life SaversCovers
4.Gallon Paint Cans (like decorate them to hold your scrappin' or card making supplies)
5.Tea Bag Gifts
6.Elementary School Projects (like covers for suckers -paper purses or wallets...)
8.Card Collection Holders (like paper purses, bags,and boxes to hold all of your cards)
9.Stampin' Up Projects (many can be converted to use digital supplies)
10.Laminated Game Boards (like Tic Tac Toe, Lines and Boxes, Hang Man etc...)
13.Patterns For Gift Boxes
14.Gift Card Holders
15.Kid's Chore List (Laminate it and use a dry erase pen)
16.Personalized Stationary and Decorative Matching Envelopes
17.Reusable Personalized Bingo Boards (Laminate a decorated blank bingo card and let
the kids put the appropriate numbers where they want to before the game starts
with a dry erase pen. Make a new card every game.)
18.Decorated Score Board for Card Games (like Spades and others)
19.Ready To Be Decorated Products (like decorative inserts for coffe mugs/tumblers,
clock faces,binder cover inserts for college and high school, notebooks , journals,
calendars,pocket calendars,chipboard word books
20.Tote Bags/Purses W/Pictures Openings (You could even advertise for your business
in a layout made for the size of the opening.)
21.Recipe Cards

If I forgot anyone's idea,I'm sorry. I hope this helped someone.
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