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From the Piggy Speed Progressive Scrap: Day 4

Welcome to Day 4! PM's are going out to everyone who posted a Day 2 & Day 3 LO's, including stragglers & late-comers. Please post your new & improved layout to the Speed Progressive Scrap Gallery HERE.

This ends Monday May 31, no exceptions. By which I mean, you have until I get up & moving tomorrow, Tuesday June 1 (Germany time), and post the poll.

Please follow the instructions to win the prize! You can crop pieces and recolor but you can only use the items given out in this challenge and once you have placed the pieces you can't move them. Be sure to save your work as a psd layered file as well so that you can layer.

I'll be posting a poll so everyone can vote for their favourites on Tuesday June 1. The winner of this Speed Progressive Scrap wins the entire kit Clutter It! Tuscan Sunset. Please note that staff and Studio CT and Designers can't win but you can certainly play along

These are the pieces being PM'd to all Day 2 & Day 3 participants.

  1. Use the foliage at least twice
  2. Use the flower at least once
  3. Add at least three photo's
  4. Post LO in the Speed Scrap Gallery
  5. Post a link to your LO in this thread
  6. Have FUN!


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