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Default Re: June color challenge-Vacation in South Korea

Hi Monika,
Sorry about the mistake, but I hit a wrong key.
This is my 1st LO to this group and really enjoyed doing it with a lot of the minikit items that I saw while visiting the Valley of the Kings in the southern part of South Korea. The people were wonderful to me and I saw much of the country. Also my grandson is now 13 years old and they live in Omeha, Neb. Robert was in the Air Force and met and fell in love with Mihyun while over in Korea the 1ast time he was station there. Robert & Mihyun went together for 3 years before they married. He spent 3 tours in Korea, then moved here to the USA. At first Mihyun was afraid how people would treat her, but found out that she made many friends over the last few years. I could not have found a more beautiful daughter-in-law if I picked her myself, we are great friends.

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