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Newbie here, well not just here in relative terms new to scrapping as well My introduction to scrapping was probably a less traditional path in that I utilized the materials, ideas into digital slide shows - a scrapbook storyboard. Initially, I did this to record my life here in the USA and 'share' it with my family and friends in the UK. Hence, rather than just send them a photo disc ( which really does get boring for them after the initial viewing) I made use of some software programs, added music, special effects and of course each slide was presented in a LO - and viola! I had a scrap book storyboard DVD. My family and friends loved them. Not only are they easier to share and I can make as many copies as I need for everyone who wants them, but also because of the format they are instantly more accessible for them. I have found over the time I have been doing it that ( and of course the distance between us) it has proven to be an ideal way to maintain those family links and share my life with them That, as I say was my initial introduction to scrapping. More recently, I have made use of the things I have learned to do other scrap digital storybooks.

In particular, at a friends recent wedding here in the USA there was a disaster with the video of the BIG day - months in the planning ( I kid you not it was a like Hollywood production! lol), $$$$'s spent, and her sister accidentally re-recorded over the camcorder tape at the reception! My friend ( the bride) was distraught. She had saved on having a professional photographer there because the whole thing was going to be recorded, and she would get to re-live it over and over again by watching the DVD ( or so she thought) In an attempt to salvage what good I could out of this I suggested we gather up all of the photographs taken by the guests and I would make her a scrapbook storyboard DVD slide show. Long story a bit shorter, I did this. I won't lie and say it was easy, it was an enormous project ( far bigger than the 8-10 minutes DVD's I had been doing) plus of course I really wanted her to be pleased with it. I made great use of the LO ideas I had seen on different galleries (obviously I had learned that I needed to adapt them to suit my format - there's just some things that will not work in a screen visual format as they do in a printed one) and as I have no real formal training it has always been a case of trial and error. Anyways the end result was ( even if I say so myself) probably far better than the hand-held, shaky recording she would have got had it not been accidentally erased. She was a VERY happy bride, and I was a lot more experienced.

So apart from 'sharing' that with you all, what is the purpose of this post and why this section? Well, I saw the title of the thread and thought to myself .. hmmmm...Hybrid, sounds about right for what I'm doing Happen there's other on here doing the same and we could pool ideas, experiences and help each other. Like I said I am very new scrapping and I am eager to learn as much as I can. In truth this is the only thread I have read on this board ( and I jumped right in! lol ) for all I know you have a section on this and all I have done is bore you death with this post ( yep that's me feet first as usual! ) Apologies if that is the case, and someone just tell me to shut up and point me in the right direction. No matter, I've just spent the last 30 mins typing it with my two finger speed, so I figure I may as well just post it. If nothing else at least I've said "hello' and introduced myself
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