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Default Re: Hybrid what?

I love this idea, Songbirdy! Swap locations, and I'm in the same situation - U.S. to Ireland, and I've been emailing my LOs as flat images. I love the ida of putting them together as a slideshow (which we have done before after Christmases, family adventures, etc.), but I've never made LOs specifically with that purpose in mind. Hmm... Maybe a bragbook/DVD year in review would be a great Chrismas present for the grands and greats.... then they could have the LOs in both formats, for different bragging circumstances (not always handy to carry a DVD in your purse or jacket pocket to share at a moment's notice, lol!)
If anyone else (good with making templates) likes this idea (granted, we'd have to have the DVD creating software), I'd love it if someone could come up with a way to triple hybridize this idea. As I type this, I'm imagining some kind of template for making a case or packet or something (paper/digi hybrid) to hold my bragbook and DVD (AV/digiscrap hybrid), and a DVD label template to match. (I say template, because everyone's projects would need their own style, according to the type of photo theme they have - wedding, year in review, 1st bday, family vacation, college years, growing up, etc.) Does that make sense?
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