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Default Re: R U ready for another Bingo chat??

Bingo takes Place Saturday July 17th, 7:00 pm EST..

Important Info below for all those that want to take part

In order to take part in the Beach Blanket Bingo you will need to have already uploaded your Bingo Card to the gallery before the Chat starts!

You can download the Bingo Template from here
Decorate this card as you wish, you need to pick 16 words from the List provided and complete them on the boxes on the card. Make sure each box has a different word. Ensure you have uploaded your Bingo Card to the gallery here before the Chat begins.
This is how we verify the winners! You don't have to wait until July 18th you can upload them as soon as you have them ready!

During the Chat I will call out randomly selected words from the list and prizes will be sent out after the chat for the following matches!

One Line Any Direction, line of four words matched in a vertical, horizontal or diagonal row
All Corners, four words matched in each corner of your card
Full House - Every word on your card matched

Prizes are limited to one per member and prizes will be verified and confirmed during the Chat

Here is the list of words for this month, remember to upload your completed Bingo Cards here asap but before the Chat begins on Saturday, JUly 15th at 7:00PM EST

1. seashells
2. starfish
3. dolphin
4. horshoe crab
5. sand dollar
6. jelly fish
7. waves
8. lighthouse
9. boardwalk
10. arcade
11. pier
12. salt water taffy
13. sand castle
14. sailboat
15. surf fishing
16. coral
17. beach chair
18. umbrella
19. sunblock
20. whale watching
21. fishing net
22. surf board
23. wave runner
24. kite flying
25. caramel corn
26. sunsets
27. sunrises
28. flip flops
29. towel
30. bike riding
31. dunes
32. seafood buffet
34. lobster
35. sea horse

Be sure to turn up to the chat on time, the Bingo words will start being called at 7:15
Feel free to leave any questions here you might have!

See you on Saturday July 17th-
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