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The prices are VERY different here in Italy and I wouldn't be surprised if they work the same in Germany. I used to have a bed&breakfast several years ago and since I was alone running it I had a woman doing the rooms (i.e. cleaning). I checked a lot of women before choosing and again, the prices were very different. Some of them get paid per hour, some get paid per room. It works the same for house cleaning. Some ask a fee per hour, some ask a fee per apartment/house or based on what works you want them to do. For example they could ask a fee per each room and an extra if you want the laundry done. The average price is 15 euros per room or per hour anyway. Looks like 15 is the magic number. If they need one hour to clean a room (since they ask the same) believe me it must shine like a star after that! I tend to prefer paying per room or anyway a set fee since it's not my fault if they are "long" (lose time around or are just very slow as persons).
I would also support Kelly's idea of asking around a church or something like that. In Germany there a lot of extra-EU citizens who really need some money. But if I am right (Min?) German people pay a fee to their church if they choose a religion or something like that?? So there can be no people to look for there.
In Italy the most well-known foreigners for housekeeping are women of a certain age from Romania or Russia or either younger ladies (30s-50s) from the Philippine, and here you can easily find them around the church's organisations.
BTW, you could ask the mayor's wife *grin* if she has someone who helps at home and if she's willing to share the name with you. I am sure some of your husband's colleagues' wives have someone helping them.

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