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Default Death Record/Certificate

Early Records were not quite as informative as those in the 1900's, yet you could still learn some things from the record.

Early on you would learn the Deceased Name, age, race, occupation, cause of death and place of death. Most often there was an informant's name, and this person was often a relative of the deceased.

As time went on, much more information was given on a death record. These would include:

Date of Death
Place of Death
Usual Residence (City, County, State)
Birth Date
Place of Birth
Names of Parents
Name of Spouse
If the deceased served in the Armed Forces - when & where
Date of Burial
Place of Burial
The Funeral Home/Director
Again, an informant who was usually related.

These records in the USA are kept at the county courthouse, in the county where the event was recorded. Many of them are online in full, or at least as an index.
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