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Default Re: Hybrid what?

I've been doing hybrid crafting and love it. Mostly I've been making cards but I recently got a set of Copic markers and have been designing digital stamps. I've also created some digital cutting files that you can use on machines like the Cricut and CraftRobo. As soon as I get my craft room set back up I can finish a couple of projects I started before the renovations on my house took I am using digital scrap kits to decoupage a wooden tray for my bathroom and a set of flower pots.

When it comes to paper I agree with Kelly. Everyone has a preference and you have to take your printer model into consideration. I use an Epson inkjet that prints photos so it has 6 colours of ink. I don't buy super expensive paper though but I don't buy the cheapest either. I buy the store brand but the next quality up from the cheapest. I also love the thin cardstock that I get from Staples.
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