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Default Re: FREE Mini Class! Hybrid 101: Sharing the Love | Aug 21-30

Originally Posted by CM Silly View Post
I'll try this. Questions, though.... Are these layers in png files? That's all I can use in my program. If we want to print this album out, is there an actual cardboard album that matches this template shape like with the cd albums, the L-O-V-E albums, key hole albums , etc.. ... so that we just print the pages out on sticker paper ,cut out, and place on the album form? If yes ,where do we order them?
Yes, the template is provided in psd, tif & png files so any digiscrapper should be able to use it.

No, there isn't a cardboard album that matches but you won't need it. The way the album is structured you cut out the simply shape and fold it to have pattern on both sides of your page. If you print on cardstock it will be good and sturdy or even a good quality heavy paper will be fine. Photo paper will work as well although you may have to score the fold a bit to make it perfectly flat.

All you'll need (album wise) is jump rings, ribbon or another binding material. We'll go over all of that tomorrow!
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