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Default Re: Hybrid 101: Sharing the Love | Day 3: Techniques for Layered Templates

Thanks for the great tutorial...
I've gone into Pixelmator to see what I can do. I am able to copy layers, but rather than make Groups and put them in a renamed file to hide or display, I can only link them together... makes for a long layers palette, but I'm so excited to learn about the function of hiding/revealing layers in my program! In Pix, rather than little eyes on the left, I have little boxes on the right which I can check/uncheck. I learned the hard way that "merge layers" does not mean the same thing as "group layers" in your tut... thank goodness for the undo button, and that I realized the problem right away!
So now that I have learned some new things about my program, I'm off to the fun part - "gluing" on the paper!
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