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Default Re: Hybrid 101: Sharing the Love | Day 3: Techniques for Layered Templates

Originally Posted by allergy_mom View Post
Thanks for the great tutorial...
I've gone into Pixelmator to see what I can do. I am able to copy layers, but rather than make Groups and put them in a renamed file to hide or display, I can only link them together... makes for a long layers palette, but I'm so excited to learn about the function of hiding/revealing layers in my program! In Pix, rather than little eyes on the left, I have little boxes on the right which I can check/uncheck. I learned the hard way that "merge layers" does not mean the same thing as "group layers" in your tut... thank goodness for the undo button, and that I realized the problem right away!
So now that I have learned some new things about my program, I'm off to the fun part - "gluing" on the paper!
Oh thanks for the info! That kind of feedback really helps me when I'm developing future classes. Yes, I frequently have many many layers in my files. It works fine not to group them so long as they're labeled and you can tell what you're looking at. So glad you caught that merge/group difference early enough to undo! Undo has saved me so many times LOL.
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