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Default Re: Hybrid 101: Sharing the Love | Day 3: Techniques for Layered Templates

Originally Posted by trickletime View Post
here are my pages (i did 4...or 8, depending...and made a single page of them to upload):

i have pse5 so i can't group layers. so instead, i placed the papers where i wanted (hiding anything i didn't want seen) and then i used alt+shift+ctrl+e on a new layer to stamp the visible stuff onto the new layer. i re-named the stamped layer with the page numbers for when i print. then i hid the merged layer, and repeated the process for the next pages. this way i can have all my pages in the one file. they're not editable anymore, but that's okay for me.
Excellent job adapting the instructions and thanks for the info! Yes, I think it's totally fine to merge them once you've arranged everything.

Your finished pages look so pretty and I like how included both dollhouse style and complete house pages!
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