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Smile Re: Layout Artist Contest - Sign Up Now

Originally Posted by CM Silly View Post
I think I might try this as well. If I get eliminated,at least I will have some fun. I am a bit intimidated though,I have only been at this for a few months and my layouts don't really get noticed. I like a page that is neat,tidy,and color coordinated for whatever theme I choose. That's probably why they don't get noticed. They're probably boring. Also, I know that blank pages with one picture decorated in some clustered elements is very popular,but I have a hard time doing that. Perhaps, I will be challenged out of the ho-hums and my layouts will pop with creativity
I agree with you about the pages with what they call "white space", but don't feel intimidated the peeps here are really really nice and usually very supportive...I always have fun here
pssst their progressive scrap is a lot of fun