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Default Re: Hybrid 101: Sharing the Love | Day 9: Embellish & Ask Q's

Can you go ahead print & add those elements later?? i did that for one page in my book.Or just journal in a fun way about those elements on those pages? I can feel your son's anxiousness to get the book printed & it would be sad if he got discouraged. Sometimes when I get in a spot similar to this I have to stop & decide: do I want it perfect & not get it done or is good enough good enough & have something to show for my work. You could even journal how hard it was to find those right elements & your son' helping you etc.. Don't make this fun project too hard is my suggestion.Somehow make your empass fun.Maybe your son could draw the elements or find in a magazine. I guess I am just as anxious as your son to see your book!lololol Sounds like you have a fantastic project & wonderful time with your son! How wonderful

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