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From the Piggy PS: Select Color Range

PS: Select Color Range
..Ever buy a CU product and wish it was another color? Did you try moving the Hue/Saturation sliders? Did you try moving the Color Balance sliders? And still its just not the new color? At least not evenly. Ive got another trick you can try.


Im going to start with a CU bloom. Perfectly lovely bloom. But too pink for my tastes. Id love a gorgeous blue.

So I try: ImageAdjustmentHue/Saturation and move my sliders back-n-forth. I get lots of pretty colors, but not the nice, solid, even blue I want:

After trying: ImageAdjustmentColor/Balance and even: ImageAdjustmentVariations. I get frustrated. Time to try something new!

I like the yellow center. Im a big fan of yellow of blue together. All I want to replace is the too bright, too pink, pink. I go to:
SelectColor Range

Use the eye dropper to select the color you want to replace. You can change the amount of color variation selected by sliding the Fuzziness slider from 0-to-200. Once you have everything desired selected click OK.

Create a New Layer above your CU item (in my case, my flower). Fill the selected area with the new color (I picked a soft periwinkle blue) using your Paint Bucket Tool. Change the Layer Blend Mode to Color:


Note: You may need to SelectColor Range more than once to get all the bits & pieces selected. I create a New Layer (and set the Color Blend Mode to Color) for each newly selected Color Range.

I also use the Clipping Mask feature in the Layer Palette to prevent any stray pixels or colors from appearing:


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