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Default Re: Hybrid 101: Sharing the Love | Day 9: Embellish & Ask Q's

Originally Posted by Joba2 View Post
I hate to sound ungrateful but I have been waiting now for several days for the last lesson. I am beginning to worry something bad has happened to our host
Hi Joanne, I am FINALLY done (just finished) with the barrage of work that was piled on top of me this week therefore taking over my whole schedule. It's the down side to being a freelancer...sometimes there's nothing then all of sudden everyone needs something at exactly the same time. I've been living & breathing work for days (I just went to bed this morning at 5am). But when you've been working on a big project for months and something comes up you really have no choice but to dig in and get it done.
I'm catching up on forum posts now and I'll be posting the last lesson in the next couple of hours. My most SINCERE apologies for keeping everyone waiting, but like everyone I have bills to pay and work has to come first.
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