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Arrow Hybrid 101: Sharing the Love | Day 10: Finish It Up

I like to throw in fun different textures and shapes into my mini books. For example, Iím adding a tree to my back cover. However, it will peek out and youíll able to see it from both the front & back like this:

In order to add in the tree without having to print 2 sided (I canít print 2 sided to my photo paper), I need to create a reverse very much like the house template. Hereís my printable tree page.

No need to worry that the text is reversed on the flipped copy. It wonít show because after I print and cut out the tree Iíll glue it to my back cover. On the flipped side only the parts that peek out around the front cover will show.

To create this page, I added my tree cluster to my file then duplicated the layer just like we already learned. Thatís not quite enough though; I need to flip it so that when itís folded in half the sides line up correctly. To flip (or mirror) a layer make sure youíve selected it in the layers palette, then:
  • (PS) Edit Menu --> Transform --> Flip Horizontal
  • (PSE) Image --> Rotate --> Flip Layer Horizontal

Then simply slide the flipped layer over next to the original. You need to make sure the two copies stay aligned so itís easiest to move them with the arrows on your keyboard instead of the move tool. If you do use the move tool you may need to select both tree layers and align them using the move tool options:

If youíve added in everything youíre ready to bind your book! Simply put the pages in order and bind them however you prefer!

One of the best things about hybrid is how easy it is to share the love! You can use the same template and scrapped pages to create multiple copies of a project for gifts. You might want to make the same or a similar project for each child or grand-child for example.

Likewise you can let your children make fun projects for their grandparents in the same way! What about printing out just the background house pages and letting your kids draw in the rooms of your house? You could even let them do this each year while theyíre little. Itís amazing the difference a year will make in their perspectives and artwork.

  1. Punch or prepare your books for binding.
  2. Add in any extras.
  3. Bind your books!

Weíre completely finished!!!

I want to THANK YOU all for joining in and creating a hybrid project with me! Since this was the first class and a learning experience for all of us in different ways, I very much appreciate everyone's patience and feedback! All the support, comments & love for the project really mean SO MUCH!

We'll definitely be tackling more hybrid very soon! The holidays are coming up and I LOVE LOVE LOVE holiday projects and gifts!!!

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