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Default Re: Hybrid 101: Sharing the Love | Day 9: Embellish & Ask Q's

Originally Posted by allergy_mom View Post
I'm glad you're ok, too! I was worried about you as well, especially as you had been so punctual with the other lessons - but Joanne is braver than me! (nobody wants to make you feel bad - as if you didn't already!)
As a pastor's wife, this is a difficult time for me. We just lost a boy to leukemia; he had been battling for two years. We thank God for the comfort He is giving the family and our church during this difficult time.
You're so right - I do feel bad LOL - nature of the beast I guess. Thanks for everyone's concern, too. You guys are so sweet!

I'm so very sorry for your loss, Kelly! I know how devastating these things are as I lost a dear uncle a few years ago to cancer after a two year battle. I can't even imagine losing a child that way. My prayers are with you and your congregation!
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