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Default Re: Hybrid 101: Sharing the Love | Day 9: Embellish & Ask Q's

Ok, I got it (mostly) finished - I may add some decoration to the binding, but I've been itching to show you my finished product, and things get busy for me again tomorrow, so I figured I'd better get the pics taken and uploaded while I can!

The pages were printed on light cardstock, and the front and back covers were strengthened by a double layer of cerealbox cardboard. I used a lot of doublestick tape, and did the bulk of my trimming with a papercutter and a craft knife. I did not trim off the edge to be bound, but rather glued it with tacky craft glue, so it will (hopefully) stand up to use by a child. It did turn out quite sturdy.
I made a lot of mistakes in printing and cutting, since I had to resize the template to A4 paper, and did not realize this before I started my project! But I really don't think it's a problem now that it's all together, and I decided my 2-year old won't mind, and it probably won't last until he's old enough to be that observant, anyway, lol!

I will print this out again as gifts; It will be easier now that I've done it once. And while I chose items I know my own baby likes right now, they should be fairly easily identifiable for any child. So all I will need to customize is the name on the title page! Also, I enjoyed getting ideas form the other ladies, which I may use in the future...

Thank you so much for this introduction to Hybrid - I have thoroughly enjoyed it, and will do it again!
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