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Default Sept10 Decorate Your Wordart

OMGoodness you guys! I could have sworn I posted this last week! :eek: I'm sitting here wondering why no one wants to play with me this month! Janie, I thought you got fed up with waiting and deserted me!

Brain... oh, brain.... where are you brain.... ????

I'll be right back with the goods!!

__________________________________________________ __________________________

Here goes! Welcome to September's Wordart Challenge!!

Okay, I'll be honest with you all... I've run out of quick tips for you guys! I haven't had the time lately to get my more advanced (well, at least writing it out is advanced! ) stuff written out for you guys, so we're going to have another easy month here! I hope you all enjoy the wordart, and again, you can either just decorate the wordart with papers/styles/elements/etc... or you can use the wordart (decorated or plain) on a layout... or both!

The phrase I chose was something that just popped into my mind the other day when it was 90+ degrees here!! We have had an unusually HOT and seemingly never-ending Summer here in the Northeast (USA) - which is pretty rare and has been just amazing!! I've enjoyed every single second!

So, here you are, enjoy, I can't wait to see what you do with it!!

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