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Originally Posted by Jasia View Post
Hi Everyone,
I'm not a designer and I'm fairly new to the world of digi-scrapping. I hope I'm not out of line here but I'd like to throw out a request... several actually. I'm a genealogist and I'm constantly looking for themes that are time (era) specific to use with my collection of old family photos. Vintage is nice but most of the time it's Victorian in nature (1880s-1910s). I'd love to see some kits designed with themes for different eras like the "Roaring 20s"... the era of gangsters, Flappers, and art deco. Or how about the 1940s with WWII stuff, the Big Band era, Victory gardens, etc. The 1950s would be fabulous with all the sherbet colored cars, poodle skirts, lots of chrome, juke boxes, & feather boas. The 1960s with tie-dyed, flower power and peace signs would be a natural. If anyone is looking for design ideas, please consider these. My genealogy buddies would love to see kits and quick pages with time-specific themes.

And one more design idea while I'm at it... how about ethnic themes? I've seen some for Scottish and Irish/Celtic, and a couple for the French but I would love to see themes for Polish, German, Italian, Greek, Russian, Spanish, etc. If anyone knows where time (era) specific themes, or ethnic themes are available I'd really like to know about them. I'd be delighted to pass the information on from my genealogy blog. Thanks!
I'd love to see Scottish and Celtic themes!

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