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Default Re: Hybrid 101: Sharing the Love | Day 10: Finish It Up

sorry i'm so late. the book was part of a birthday gift, and i kept tweaking until the very end. no sooner than it had been put 'on display' and her mom taken a single quick photo, did the birthday girl quietly whisk it away 'safely' to her room (she didn't want everyone 'touching it all the time' ). she keeps 'forgetting' to bring it for me to take a few more shots.
anyway, this is the only photo for now. i'll edit it, if i get the chance, with more photos later on:

thanks again for this great class. the book was a giant hit. so now i'm making one for her baby sister (using the birthday bash hybrid project, 'cause it would be 'unthinkable' of me to do anything too similar for the both of them).
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