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Default Re: Sept10 Decorate Your Wordart

hi -- really missed you last month... and now? my harddrive crashed MAJORTIME on 9/11. so, we're now waiting for our new pcs to arrive AND word of whether the last 2 months of files are retrievable (we couldn't do it & neither could Bestbuy local store geeks... so it's in the hands of our youngest son's computer techy friend).

so, i probably won't be able to do this month's challenge.

FORTUNATELY, all my photos, digi LO's and digi kits are on 2 other drives used for "storage" and were safe!!

what did i learn from this? don't do all my backups on the maindrive!! backup REGULARLY to an EXTERNAL harddrive! (i did consistent partial backups, but to the main drive... only did it monthly or so to an external and with the summer & stuff, my last full backup on an "external" drive was 7/2... so potentially lost 2 months & 1 week worth of emails, $$, docs & more!

but, even though i can't participate this month... sure am glad to see this challenge back up & am looking forward to octobers :-)

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