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Default Custom Shape Text Fill

** This tutorial brought to you by Piggy Scraps Designs **

This tutorial is useful for either journaling or creating some of those cool WordArts many people use in the background, or even as the background, of a Layout.

Iím going to assume you know about PS custom shapes for the purpose of this tutorial. Please select a custom shape and play along with me.

Iíve chosen to use the rounded rectangle (radius at 100px) because I have an ulterior motive. However, any custom shape will do. Stars, hearts, clouds. Just remember, the trickier the shape the more playing around with text size & shape you will need to do laterÖ. donít worry, this will make sense soon.

Thereís a couple ways to do this, however, weíre going with this way. Once you have your Custom Shape, use your magic wand tool to select the shape. Right click and choose Make Work Path. A new box will pop up setting your default tolerance at 2.0. Go ahead & click ok.

Now select your Text Tool, click inside the Custom Shape and start typing. Your text will automatically stay inside the custom shape following the rules you set for character and paragraph. Try typing some, then stopping and playing with both character and paragraph settings.

This is what my Layout looks like now. Iíve included an insert of my Character layer palette to show what settings wound up working for me. I also have my Paragraph set to justify.

To finish the Layout with your Text Filled Custom Shape, simply turn off the custom shape layer. I added a border to my text, hereby explaining my ulterior motive in choosing a rounded rectangle Custom Shape. And, voila, finished product:

Font: Selfish by Eduardo Recife
Kit: Early Morning Light by Piggy Scraps Design
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