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Default OCTOBER Challenge

OK, I have to confess....... I TRIED to make an "add" for the challenge in Photo-shop, but if I want to post this challenge before months end, I better forget about it and "get on with it"

Since we've been playing around in the middle of last century (:eek: That just sounds awful, doesn't it?) I'm challenging you to scrap something from between 1920 and 1925.

There is one rule and a couple of siderules .
RULE: It HAS to have something to do with transportation.
SIDE RULE: it can be family related, but doesn't have to be.
family pictures of the time are optional but appreciated
it can be anything from the the dogcart your grandfather had, to a brand new car (at the time) you like the add of, as long as it covers transportation in some way.......

Have fun