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Default Lost my beloved tomcat today

My darling tomcat Spetter (Dutch for Hunk, for he looked absolutely gorgeous), ran into the bus today, just after I got on. He saw me off, like he often does, but started crossing the street a little too soon. Instead of running onto the street behind the bus he smashed rignt into the rear and broke his neck.

I got out, ran back, picked him up and held him for ages, we finally buried him in the garden.

My little man, we called him the Italian Stallion, because he was so small and yet so macho, and at the same time a real mommy's boy. He was my little furry lover boy.

I cannot imagine I will have to go to sleep in a minute and not have him curl up on my pillow with his head on my chest and his warm furry body alongside my face and neck.

I cannot bear to go to bed without my little lover.......


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