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Default Re: Show off your Costume! :-)

I hope my avatar is here with this. Trust me, if it is, I made me super-small on purpose. I'm a Punk Rocker "mimi" with a seal of approval from my 8-yr. old grandson, but for some reason when I chanced upon this rig in the costume store and did one of those spontaneous at-the check-out counter purchases, I just knew when I slipped it on it would make me look 20 years younger. Well, that didn't work!! Argh!! I wore it tonight to a festival for the kids in a local park, and I got the responses I was hoping for there; just not the make me look younger thing. LOL!!

Oh, I've got to add the rest of the story . . . went to Outback after the park, wore this in to dine in, my son-in-law works there part-time as a waiter, had to wait in line for a table in his section, and while talking to others waiting for a table we all decided this outfit is the perfect "mother-in-law costume". You may not see them, but the mask has great red horns; looks like a "she-devil". We all just roared hysterically at the idea! You're never too old to have fun, especially in my rockin' area!!

I'm going Trick or Treating with my grandchildren in it Sunday night, too!
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