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Default Re: Show off your Costume! :-)

ROFL! Aveziur, I LOVE your avi!! The little girl in my sunday school class dressed up as a witch and said to me 'I am a BOOtiful witch!' rofl! and I count...1,2,3,4,5 'BOO-tiful' witches in this thread! SPOOKtacular costumes ladies! tee hee hee! Janytime I was totally cracking up over yours (why do I think of Sharon osborne every time I look at your avi?! awesome!) ROFL on the MIL costume!!!! ROFL ROFL ROFL! Digides LOVE the cat outfit!! what an adorable pic! Fabulous CatSlater! totally wicked! Anita_d! ROFL! hysterical! jimmyrose, I'm batty for your avi too! amsangel, What an AWESOMEEEEEE Pic!! LOVE IT! I hope you guys had an amazing halloween and more thank your fill of candy too! :-)

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