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Default Re: Wish for a kit.... and win!!!

Alright, I've got mine... I would love a family naturewalk kit for walks in the neighborhood, or to the top of a (small) mountain. When it's just me with the kids, push the buggy, when we're going with Daddy, the baby rides in a special backpack on Daddy's back... and when there's snow, well then you've got to pull them on something or other, but we don't have a sled, so I get creative, lol! And you know how the kids hold hands, or keep handing you treasures they've found, and ask you why that bug is doing that, and what's that noise, and can you eat that kind of berry ooh, look at that BIG truck... lately it's been really windy, so I tied a blanket all around the buggy so Keenan wouldn't be scared of the wind and feel like he can't breathe...
Maybe like a neutral, blue and green basic kit (family, path, trees, satchels, rocks, river, mountain range, hills, grassy plain, bushes, sidewalk, baby buggy, maybe some dogs-they go on family walks, too, right?!) with addons for the different seasonal items & papers in varying pallettes? (winter: scarves,hats,mittens, dry twigs, snowflakes, holly & evergreen branches, crow or cardinal; spring: rain gear, budding branches, bright green baby leaves, spring flowers, raindrops, robin, eggs, nest, worm; summer: sunglasses, waterbottle, seagull, etc, etc, just to get the ideas flowing so you won't be able to forget mine, lol!) Or you could do the family with accessories you can put accessories on from the seasonal add-ons... THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESSSSSS!!!!!! BWAH HAHAHAHAHA!!! (sorry, it's getting a bit late for me; midnight here; please forgive my little outburst of excitement....)
You could sell as individual minis or bundle them together, and ooh, oooh, realistic or drawn, I'm so wanting this kit now!
(not that I don't like Tigger, too....can he come on our walk with us?? Our umbrella stroller is Winnie-the-pooh....)

Thanks for the fun game! (pssst, Min--pick me, k?)