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From the Piggy Speed Scrap II

This is a Use-Those-Papers Speed Scrap. Anyone who finishes before 9:00 am EST wins a $2.00 coupon to theStudio. Anyone who fnishes before Midnight EST (Nov 6th) wins a $1.00 coupon to theStudio.
  1. Choose 1 photo.
  2. Place your background paper. Just 1. Plain(ish) is best. Cover your whole page.
  3. Choose a solid shape (square, circle, rectangle, heart, butterfly, etc.)
  4. Arrange 6-12 copies of the shape on your paper. Add drop shadows.
    3 rows by 3 columns = 9 shapes, very aesthetically pleasing
  5. Clip a different paper to each shape, except for 1 shape. Leave unclipped
  6. Clip your photo to the remaining shape.
  7. Add a title or wordart near the bottom, it's okay to "write" over shapes & photo
  8. Add an element cluster to the top corner (right or left)
Please post LO's in the Speed Scrap II gallery.



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