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Default How to make a Barcode in Photoshop

** This tutorial brought to you by Piggy Scraps Designs **

1. Open a photoshop document 1 X 3, 300dpi
2. Set foreground/background to default (black & white)
2. Fill with canvas with white
3. Go to Filter Render Fibers

Variance: 64.0 (slide all the way right)
Strength 64.0 ((slide all the way right)

4. Go to Filter Blur Motion Blur

Angle: 90
Distance 998 pixels (slide all the way right)

5. Go to Filter Sharpen Unsharp Mask

Amount: 221%
Radius 82.1 pixels
Threshold 0 levels

You can play with your settings, mix it up a little but.... thats it! Youve got a barcode. You can add numbers at the bottom, add to a tag, use as is enjoy!

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