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Default Re: Creative Traveler

Originally Posted by sleepingbeautie View Post
Hi Cyndi,
I'm an air force brat too! I have also lived in san diego and sacramento and grass valley!
Welcome aboard!
Oh, that is so Ironic that we lived in some of the same places, though @ different times (?). I'll have to see what years I lived in some of these places. Funny that we are so close & yet so far: Never met: L.O.L.

I like the name Anamarie, & I never thought of the name Anmarie, that might be a good one to suggest to my friend, who doesn't want her baby/child to have too much of a similar name as her. I told her it isn't vanity seeing as I'm the one that came up with the name. We will see if she takes up my suggestion for a name (?). I can't tell you who she is, as I'm the only person on FB who knows she is pregnant, besides of course her husband.
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