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Default Make a Screen Shot

Have you ever had something in progress in your program that you wanted to show someone but didn't know how to make a screen shot of it.

Well here's how to make a screen shot in any windows based platform

To take a shot of the whole screen

1. have the item you want to capture on the screen.
2. press the PrtScn/SysRq (Print Screen) key on your keyboard
3. Now the whole screen image has been copied to your clipboard
4. Open a new document in word or your scrapping program
5. Paste the image into the document, and trim any you don't want to show away (like the task bars at the top and bottom for example)

To take a shot of just the active window

This is handy for if you just want a screen shot of something smaller like an error message or pop up

1. have the item you want to capture open on the screen
2. Press Alt and the PrtScrn/SysRq keys together, the computer will take a snapshot of the currently active window ONLY
3. Open a new document and paste it in

now you have an image of what you wanted and you can email it or post it

hope this helps some of you who might have been wondering how to do this

~~ Tracy ~~
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