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Default Re: A housekeeper?

Well, in that case, it is their responsibility to keep it clean, too...

Maybe you could do one together with the responsible person every week, still letting them clean it, basicly, but supervising and helping, so it will be to YOUR standards. That way every bathroom will get thoroughly cleaned once every 6 weeks.

But a housekeeper is no luxury with a family that size. The problem is how to find someone reliable.

What are your priorities?
I mean, it is irritating if you still find dust bunnies, but if you still hoover under the beds on other days, it is no more than that, it is not a REAL problem.

If they do certain important jobs well, like cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen, always turn up according to schedule, offer value for money with respect to the amount of work done, don't steal, and don't put things where you cannot find them, most people would jump for joy.

I mean, MY priority is that they do the jobs my fibromyalgia and arthrosis don't allow me to do, myself. So in my case, dust bunnies under the bed or cupboards are a priority, as I have trouble reaching them.
I cannot even reach my own feet at times....

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