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Default January challenge

Happy New Year everybody!!

Are you recovered yet from the holidays? I'm having a hard time. Not because we've had company (because we didn't), but because I love Christmas time. I'm dreading having to take down the tree. It always makes the livingroom look like something is missing......
But.... You didn't come by to hear me moan! LOL

This month, we're going back to POINTS in time!
The subject will be World War II.
How did your family deal with the War that was raging all over the world? It seemed nobody was exempt. Wether your ancestors "went over there" to help, supported the war-effort at home or were living it.... everybody was effected in a way. Some places it started earlier than others, and others were out of it earlier than some. It doesn't matter which year you pick if any, as long as it is related. I know, that I could make 2 pages, maybe 3 to cover it. My family lived in Holland, Mikes dad was in the Navy, and the man that raised him was in the Army Aircorp..... I'll have to mull on that a bit, I think LOL.

I'm curious what you come up with. It should turn out to be a global education, with all the different views! Can't wait!


PS: I don't thinks it's necesary, but I'd rather not take a chance, so THERE IS ONE RULE!!!! AND I AM VERY SERIOUS ABOUT THIS!!! It doesn't matter which "side" you cover. It's HISTORY, and water under the bridge and as family memory keepers, we have to include it, so get those events on paper ...... HOWEVER!!
NO mudslinging, accusations or hatefulness, OF ANY KIND! Just the facts! If you express an opinion, please be civil. Please realize this happened not too far in the past, so please consider peoples feelings!!