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Default Prayer Request

Some of you may remember me mentioning in chat about my cousin’s daughter, Kendal, who has cancer. She had leukemia at 4 years old, then went into remission after chemo, only to have a new leukemia at 16. We had hopeful news after a cell transfusion from her Dad, my cousin, John, seemed like it might bring her to another remission at Christmas.

The update my cousin put on the blog they set up to keep everyone updated was titled, “Broken Heart.” Over the past couple of days she has taken a turn for the worse and the doctors in Minneapolis, where they took her for more aggressive treatment, have concluded that the cancer was just moving too fast and there is nothing else they can do for her. John says she has very little time left. It brought me to tears reading that. I can tell by his writing tone that he is just numb and surely devastated.

Kendal turned 17 a week ago today.

Any thoughts or prayers for strength would really be appreciated right now.

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