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Default Re: January challenge

thanks for sharing Joba :-) It's a very nice tribute to your uncle, and just HAVING a picture is great... as a family historian, we'll take any kind of image we can, so we can put a face with a name. It's not a photo-contest, so any image will do just nicely. :-)
I left some information in your gallery also. But I'll repeat here, just in case more people have intrest.

Some states, have veteran grave registrations. I found some really neat information for Mikes dads (natural and step), that way, (including stepsisters' names and mothers' maiden name) but nothing like that was on his natural dads paper, so it all depends on what is known to the person filling out the forms (or what they are willing to share) BUT, it will give the unit and whether the veteran served in war/conflict (which one) or peace-time, what branch of the service and his service number.
When going to the NARA site for military records, it will ask for basic information, but the more you fill in, the more places they can look when the records aren't in the right place (Mikes step dads records were lost in the 1973 fire, but we got his unit number from the grave registration, so we can track a little bit of what he did and where he was during his service time)