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Default January 2011 Progressive Scrap - Day 7 -

Wait - day 7.... that means it's the last day already????:eek: How can that be?
Let me see ... it's 9 am in my place and I'm sitting here with a nice coffee and still in my pj's.. so it must be weekend, LOL

You all did great this month - I know the elements weren't always easy, but hey, easy is not what you're looking for in a "challenge", right?

Oh, and I LOVE seeing those beach/snow pics, they're soooo funny And they look sooo real, you might want to say a word about it in the gallery, so ppl don't think you're cruel, putting your kids in the snow wearing only a bathing suit, LOL

Let's see about the schedule:

You have until tomorrow (Sunday) night, to complete your layout, upload it to the gallery and leave a link here in this thread. I will post the poll on Monday around noon my time (about 6 am EST). The poll will stay open for two days - and I would love to see you all vote!! (no, I cannot see who of you did, but I can see the number of voters and would love to see more of you voting).

I did post a sign-up thread for the QP exchange, with all the info and deadlines for that - since your page is already done it's really easy to participate, LOL. - Oh, and you QP doesn't need to be the exact day 7 layout, if you want to remove or add elements that's okay, but only for the QP exchange, not for your day 7 poll entry!!!!

Anything else?, can't think of something....


wasn't there something else I should do????

....(sipping coffee, trying to remember)...

Oh, yeah, how about giving you today's wonderful elements???

Today our "designer of the day" is the boss lady herself, Toiny aka Piggy Scraps Design:

Instructions: Today I'll try to please you all (hopefully, LOL): Use both elements at least once.

Don't forget to post your layout in the gallery and leave a link in this thread so I can enter you in the poll.

Hope you all had fun - I did, and I'm happily looking forward to the February Progressive, scheduled to start on February 13th (and believe me, the kit is great - and not white, LOL, I'm really looking forward to working with something more colorful ... )
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