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Default February

Hi everybody, Thanks for coming by this month :-)

Seeing that it is February, and the stores and sale-adds won't let us forget that it's getting close to Valentines Day, I figured, lets cover "courting"

If there are stories in you family of a special couple, or you want to share your own story... or, you know of a certain custom, please share!

I can't forget that custom from "The quiet Man" with John Wayne (Yes, I know it's probably not true, but I still think it's cute) where they sit back to back on a wagon, with a chaperone, and they can't talk to each other..... Wouldn't have worked on me... I am NOT a quiet person! LOL

It's so diferent from when I met my hubby, and I'm sure "our" ways are miles different from my Nieces experiences, so.... There's no time set, it just has to do with courting/dating

Hope to see you in the gallery :-)