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Default Weekend Class! Hybrid Buggy Box | Complete Instructions

Here are the complete project instructions for those that want to work or ahead or need a quick reference. There is a printable version at the bottom of this post.

In the daily posts I'll also list the daily steps you need to complete our 3day project along with me. Along the way we'll review some of the things we learned in Hybrid 101: Sharing the Love.

Can't wait to see your buggy boxes!

1. Print AHartline_ThinkOfYou_HybBox.pdf file onto preferred paper (I use cardstock). For a fabulous finished look, pick a patterned paper from the Thinking of You Mega Kit and print it on the back.

2. Carefully cut out each piece.

3. Score the fold lines with a bone folder.

4. Use an exacto (or similar) to cut the tab slot in the top. Optional: there are 2 barely there lines on either side of the box to slot ribbon through if you choose. Cut those slots as well if you want making them just a bit wider than the ribbon you'll use to tie the box.

5. Use a strong adhesive (I use Tacky Tape) to assemble the box. Start at the bottom fitting one tab at a time, placing the side tab last.

6. Use adhesive like pop dots to add embellishments.

7. Slot ribbon through side slots, slide embellishments onto ribbon if desired then tie on top.


Download PDF Printable Buggy Box Instructions.
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