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Default Re: February 2011 Recipe Card Challenge

Originally Posted by vampeyes View Post
I tired to add the picture like you ladies have and it didn't work out for me, not too sure how to do it right I guess. lol so here is the link.

Here is how I put them in. You can edit your own. After you put the link in the way you want it, click on it to bring up your posted page. Scroll down to the information below the photo or page. Find the direct link. Copy the whole link. Now go back to your post in the forum. You can edit your own, so click the edit button. When the edit button opens, click the button that says Go Advanced. Move your curser to where you want the picture and click there. Now look up to the top row of icons (B I U and so on) and click on the one that looks like a postcard with two mountains. A window will open with a place for you to paste the direct link. Be sure to click into the part already typed there or to knock it out first. Save changes and it should show up.