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i'll do my best i can i'm no HTML expert. i only worked with very basic codes and a little tutorial book some years ago. so i dug my book back

your going to be looking for an file that appear to be named "" and open it in wordpad or notepad. then you're going to add this little snippet i highlighted in red in this little .jpg i made for you.

*edited* there's a lot more codes then i'm used to, so i had tried to place it a few places, it worked at the top, under the head tag but then when i had this published and Tracy's, the empty tags just jumped in my face *facepalm* so i remade the .jpg to use the default title tag place

save the file as the .htm that it is and then "open with" and choose to open it with your favorite web browser. you should see the title in the blue bar and so should the whole world once you have replaced the current code file in your server.

i'm always making backup copy before modifying something, just in case, so i'd recomend you do the same... i don't want to be responsible for taking down your whole blog. working with image editing, you probably do the same thing with your work. but as you can see from the image of my browser i pasted in there... it worked!

hope my instructions are clear enough. if you have any questions, let me know

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