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Default Re: A housekeeper?

I have a person who comes everyday (Monday to Friday) for the last 6 years now, about 3 to 5 hours. She clean and cook some times, ironing, laundry, windows, bathrooms, beds, water the plants, take my boy to the bus... she helps me with anything that has to do at home, even taking care of Carlos if we have to go out. I pay her 9€ per hour. So I just clean at the weekends things like closets. A couple time during the year, she make specials works like clean crockery and glassware, lamps, walls, curtains, sofas and a big spring cleaning. Between all this, windows once a month, dust once a week...
The normal everyday for her is cleaning the kitchen, beds, laundry and ironing the day after laundry, vacuuming everyday and mopping the floor each two days, and the bathrooms. Fridays she cook something special for our weekend. She help me a lot, but if she need time for herself, I don't care if she takes one day during the week, so we have a great relationship. I don't pay her to much, the normal prizes in Spain is 10 to 12€ per hour. Hope that helps.

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